CPN/Tools: A Post-WIMP Interface for
Editing and Simulating Coloured Petri Nets

Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Wendy E. Mackay, Peter Andersen, Paul Janecek, Mads Jensen, Michael Lassen, Kasper Lund, Kjeld Mortensen, Stephanie Munck, Anne Ratzer, Katrine Ravn, Søren Christensen & Kurt Jensen

University of Aarhus
Dept of Computer Science
Aabogade 34
8200 Aarhus N - Denmark


In K.H. Mortensen (ed.): Tool Demonstrations Collection,
21st International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets,
Aarhus, Denmark, 2000, pp 19-28.


CPN/Tools is a major redesign of the popular Design/CPN tool from the University of Aarhus CPN group. The new interface is based on advanced, post-WIMP interaction techniques, including bi-manual interaction, toolglasses and marking menus and a new metaphor for managing the workspace. It challenges traditional ideas about user interfaces, getting rid of pull-down menus, scrollbars, and even selection, while providing the same or greater functionality. It also uses the new and much faster CPN simulator. The first internal release of CPN/Tools was made in April 2000 and the first public release is expected in October 2000. CPN/Tools requires an OpenGL graphics accelerator and will run on all major platforms (Windows, Unix/Linux, MacOS).


Coloured Petri Nets, graphical editor, Design/CPN, instrumental interaction, OpenGL

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