Matthew Thomas

I was born on Sunday, October 27th, 1996, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris (France). I weighed 3.5kgs (7.7lbs) when I was born.

2.5 hours old

Don't ask me why I'm wearing this stupid hat.

7 hours old

Don't I look bigger ?

1 day old

Look! I can open my eyes!

2 days old, with my daddy

And I can even raise my head... He's impressed.

2 days old

This is my last day at the maternity. (My mother says: "Lemme outa here!")

3 days old, with my family

Here is my brother Alexandre, my grandmother Magnolia and my mother.

4 days old

My brother is learning how to carry me. I'm not sure I trust him yet.

4 days old, with my mother

I feel much better here!