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Printing strips
A paper flight strip is printed for each plane entering a sector. Flight strips provide information about the aircraft and the approved flight plan, including speed, flight level and route (from beacon to beacon).

Identification section:

Air France flight 540 is a Boeing 737 traveling at a speed of 450, leaving Bordeaux and arriving at Orly airport, Paris. The pilot has requested flight level 310.


Exit Level:

The exit level to the next sector (TW) is 310.



Flight Levels:

The cleared flight level from the previous sector is 310.




Planes travel along routes identified by electronic beacons with the expected minute and arrival listed below. Here, the flight leaves the BALAN beacon at 13:13 and then passes over AMB, CDN and EPR.






Sec. & dat.

Identification Exit Level Flight Levels Beacons Notes ID

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