In Situ: projects [vers la version française]

Current projects

EDGE (french-brazilian project supported by INRIA and CNPq): Evaluation methods, Design Guidelines and Environments for Virtual Reality and Information Visualization Techniques. Partners : UFRGS - Computer Graphics and Image Processing group, TeCGraf - PUC Rio and MErLIn.

Research contract with France Télécom R&D: experimental communication systems for the home environment.

Micromégas (ACI Masses de données 2003): multi-scale approaches for interacting with familiar data sets. Partners: LMP, MErLIn and Institut Pasteur.

Past projects

RNTL Project Indigo (in cooperation with ILOG, CENA and the W3C) : design and development of an Open Source toolkit for post-WIMP interfaces.

IST Project InterLiving (in cooperation with INRIA, KTH, Sweden, and University of Maryland, USA) : participatory design of "shared surfaces" for the home.


CENA, LIRMM Montpellier, Aarhus University (Danemark), Royal College of Art (UK), IBM Almaden Research Center (USA).